Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Blog, I hereby resurrect you from the dead.

Over a year without posting (perhaps closer to two...) but I'm finally feeling motivated to update the log of our goings-on!

I've recently taken a part-time job working overnights (9pm - 5am) at a local organic bakery. Using my apprenticeship, after all!

Papa is building houses, vet clinics, and seriously awesome rocket beds.

Big guy is uneasy about his new rocket bed ;) He says he'll sleep in it tomorrow (three days in a row). He loves it for it's ladder (zombies can't climb ladders!), but it's in a room away from Mama, Papa, and Baby. That's why we have two queens, side by side.

Baby, really isn't anymore. He's two and a half and full of crazy energy.

I'm excited to pick up the habit of blogging again. Lots of adventures to come...