Tuesday, July 15, 2008


So we actually didn't end up picking berries until the weekend.  Papa was hired for several small jobs and I didn't want to go without him.  We picked 20 lbs of strawberries!  We used more than half for jam.  Papa loves him some jam.  I had planned to freeze the rest for the winter, but we ate them.  Sigh.  I guess we'll have to go get more!  There is one week left of season due to the cold weather.  We are planning to go back anyways because blueberries are ready for picking this weekend.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Pizza night...

...was several nights ago.  I love making pizza.  It is so easy.....

We made two pizzas, as usual. My pizza was a Margherita, also as usual....it was topped with:

- fresh basil
- halved cherry tomatoes
- roughly chopped garlic
- coarse grind black pepper
- fresh mozarella....we use bocconcini.  Sometimes we use fresh local curds.

Papa's pizza was topped with:

- local bacon
- caramelized vidalia onion
- chantrelle mushrooms we bought at the farmer's market
- mozza also.

Why buy pizza when you can have pizza like this at home?!

Home in time for berry picking

We're home from our little vacation!  Papa was working in a different city and we were lonely...so kiddo and I stayed with him for a few weeks.  It was wonderful to visit with all of our old friends.  I sure miss our old home.

This afternoon we are going berry picking.  Summer has been slow this year....this has been the coldest summer since 1964!  The only berries ripe enough for picking are strawberries, which have about two weeks left of season.  Usually strawberries are finished by now. 

The farm we are going to charges 2.00/lb for U-pick.  I'm hoping to pick several dozen lbs or so to freeze and make jam with.  I'd also like to experiment with a strawberry curd and meringue bar.  Our own strawberries only sent out runners this year...not a single flower (granted I took poor care of them and they were new).



Thursday, June 19, 2008

Day Menu

Starting with breakfast:

Oatmeal with ground flaxseeds, ground almonds, blueberries and honey.  


Guacamole and rice crackers


Chicken, pesto and spinach quesadilla with yams


Cheese and hazelnuts


Green curry and red lentil soup with peas and chicken


Smoothie with banana, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, plain yogurt, ground flaxseeds, hempseed oil, floravit and coconut milk.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A purpose!

Well, obviously I am not the journalling type.  But I have thought of a use for this space until I can think of a better one! 

I've decided to use this as a food journal of sorts...I have some information I'd like to store in an accessible format, so, I'll use this blog.

To kick it off, here are some RDI's (pregnancy and lactation).

Vit A 770 mcg

Vit B1 1.4 mg  (1.6 mg)

Vit B2 1.4 mg  (1.6 mg)

Vit B3 18 mg

Vit B5 6 mg  (7 mg)
pantothenic acid

Vit B6 2.2 mg 

Vit B12 2.6 mcg  (2.8 mcg)

Vit C  85 mg  (120 mg)
ascorbic acid

Vit D 200 IU

Vit E 1o mg  (300 IU)
alpha tocopherol

Vit K 90 mcg
phylloquinone menadione

Calcium 1200 mg  (1400 mg)

Iron 30 mg  (18 mg)

Folate 400 mcg  (800 mcg)

Magnesium 320 mg

Zinc 15 mg   (11mg)

Biotin 30 mcg  (35 mcg)

Choline 450 mg  (550 mg)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Black 'Minima' is a classy template

Finally I have a blog!

I imagine this space will be used to collect general thoughts and ramblings, migratory sensations and all the joy a small child brings.