Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Home in time for berry picking

We're home from our little vacation!  Papa was working in a different city and we were lonely...so kiddo and I stayed with him for a few weeks.  It was wonderful to visit with all of our old friends.  I sure miss our old home.

This afternoon we are going berry picking.  Summer has been slow this year....this has been the coldest summer since 1964!  The only berries ripe enough for picking are strawberries, which have about two weeks left of season.  Usually strawberries are finished by now. 

The farm we are going to charges 2.00/lb for U-pick.  I'm hoping to pick several dozen lbs or so to freeze and make jam with.  I'd also like to experiment with a strawberry curd and meringue bar.  Our own strawberries only sent out runners this year...not a single flower (granted I took poor care of them and they were new).



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