Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kitchen Organization

It's a slow and painful process. Especially with two babes - one that doesn't like to be put down and one that loves to help 'sort'.

I snagged two boxes full of old canning jars off f freecycle....half of them are upstairs in the art room, ready to be used for painting and other crafts, and all the larger sized jars I've kept downstairs to organize my dry-goods.

In an effort to be frugal, and also eat more healthfully, we buy almost all our pantry items in bulk, cook from scratch, and produce all our own baked goods. I was getting tired of fighting the cascade of plastic bags that fell out of the cupboard every time I opened the doors. I was also tired of buying multiples because the first bag of kamut was hidden under the bag of brown rice. When I finally switched over to the jars, I found three bags of almonds! And three bags of sesame seeds. And FOUR bags of barley.

Here's everything all pretty. You wouldn't believe the mountain of plastic bags I had afterwards.

Now I need to do my spice cupboard. That will be a job and a half.

This post was brought to you by my favourite snack:

Avocado with lime juice and freshly ground pepper on rice crackers...yummy.

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Organic Girl said...

Do you have any of those jars left? Save them! We'll do some canning together (we both know there will be lots of produce to store) or maybe make some jam?