Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Two things...

Thing one:  Look at the potatoes I dug up today!  These are from two prematurely withered plants and one I dug up for fun; none of the rest of my potatoes are ready to pull.  I got about 25 potatoes from my two Russet plants, and only five from my Russian Blue plant.  I still have two Russets, seven Yukon Gold, and seven Russian Blue plants left.  I'm thrilled that they are doing so well.  I will post more about my garden tomorrow.

Thing two:  How cute is this face?!


Organic Girl said...

1. Awesome potatoes!
2. Cutest little face EVER!

Annie said...

I'm impressed with all the amazingly yummy looking potatoes but then forgot all about those silly things when I saw that baby's face. Too cute!