Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Abhy has entered the much-anticipated "Asking Questions" phase. No Why's yet, but about a billion What Is This? What Is That? type questions. Very entertaining!

Yesterday we took the bus downtown, and then another to Oak Bay. To pass time, we looked out the window and talked about what we saw. On the way back, we were the only passengers who got on at the Depot. Every passenger who entered the bus after us was subject to a very loud, "That a MAN, Mama? That guy a MAN?" By the time we reached our destination, only one man had boarded the bus.

And about 20 elderly ladies.


Jenna said...

Oh Abhy, what a cute little man :)

Lindsay said...

I feel kind of bad for the last old lady to get on the bus before you guys got off. :p She wouldn't realize he'd asked that about everyone!

Annie said...

Awkward! Ha!