Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Been awhile.

  Laely I have been writing little journal entries in my head, and stumbling upon things that I'd like to record, so I decided to start using this space again.  It's an easy way for family to see what we're up to.  Also, a wonderful forum that I am part of has kind of died on it's feet, and I'd like to keep in touch with the women I met there, in an intimate sort of way.  Perhaps I'll also find myself some new blog-friends.

So here is an update of what we've been up to:

  We moved back to the city where Papa and I grew up the day before Kiddo's 2nd birthday, just in time for the holidays.  How wonderful it was to celebrate the Solstice and Christmas with family and old friends.  Man, did I ever miss living here.    We moved into a housing co-operative.

  Papa was laid off in December, and is in the last weeks of another job right now.  I have been thinking of going back to work part-time, when Papa or MIL can look after the kids, to help out a bit.  We live on a VERY tight budget as it is, no thanks to these layoffs.

  Our new son was born on February 8th!  Baby is six weeks old now, and the two boys sure keep my hands full.
  I've got several cake jobs coming up in the next few months - two on the same weekend in April!

  I'll post some pictures soon.  I'm excited to be posting here again!  

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