Monday, March 30, 2009

Big and Small

When Kiddo was a few months old, I happened into a great little toy store that specializes in wooden toys.  This particular store has been around since I was a little kid (we lived close by, so we often stopped in with my Dad).  I found a toy that created such feelings of nostalgia that I had to buy it right away for Kiddo (read: Myself). 

It looks like this:

My baby brother (turning 17 this summer...sigh) had an older version of this PLAN toy. 

My good friend bought Kiddo a newer version of this same toy as a big brother present after Baby was born. Her daughter has this set and he was in love with it. The new one is smaller with a wider variety of veggies and fruits and some finer embellishments. It looks like this:

Last night Kiddo brought both sets up to bed and started chopping away....then he picked up the pears in each hand. He held up the larger and said, 'big'. He held the smaller out to me questioningly, so I said 'small'. And then he was off to the races naming the big and small of each pair.

I also mentioned 'little' and 'large', but he seemed to prefer 'big' and 'small'. Easier to say.

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