Monday, May 11, 2009

A Science Experiment, Toddler Style

We participated in the "Unplugged Project" last week.  The theme was 'science'.  Our neighbour came over with her daughter and we did a little twist on the old baking soda and vinegar experiment.

We mixed vinegar with food colour, a little bit of dish soap, glitter, and of course, the baking soda.  The dish sap caused a volcano-like reaction that was really cool to watch.  The glitter was a bit small and unnoticeable, but the colours were great, and the kids had tons of fun mixing and pouring once the reactions had petered out.

Lindsay has tons of pictures and even a little video of the kiddos  in this post.


Stephanie said...

A favorite around here, too! :)
We've actually been playing with a lot the last few days.
Though we haven't colored it... that looks interesting!
We like to do it in the sandbox... dinosaur habitat, don't you know.... and it leaves the coolest marks... it leaves holes in the sand just like lava does! So cool.

Annie said...

FUN! Perfect kind of fun for outside too. A and M are getting so big!